Cesareans account for about 32% of all births in the United States each year. Though many are planned, there are many that are unplanned or performed in an emergency, which means that mom may not have been fully prepared for her postpartum recovery process. As with any form of birth, cesarean delivery comes with its own set of considerations for recovery. Guidance and support for postpartum recovery are notoriously minimal in the United States, and c-section recovery is no different. Recovering from any abdominal surgery is difficult, and bringing a new baby home at the same time means mom has very little time to rest and recover as she otherwise would. All of these factors play a role in how moms heal, and ultimately how she feels in her postpartum body.

A cesarean section is a surgical procedure that can be an amazing, essential, and even life-saving delivery option, and in many cases, they improve the safety and wellbeing of women and babies. With the right tools in your recovery kit, you can protect your incision site wound, encourage healing, and minimize your scar tissue with a simple bandage system as you navigate life with a newborn.

The Motif Medical C-Section Bandage System consists of a series of wound care items for your lower abdomen that are used in succession based on where you are in the wound healing process following this major surgery. This system is based on established wound healing timelines and infection prevention, with an eye to keeping you comfortable as you tend to your incision and move around with your baby.

Regardless of how you are bandaging and protecting your incision, you should also be aware of the signs and symptoms of infection. Up to 10% of c-section incisions become infected, and sometimes this is due to factors beyond our control. That means that even if you are extremely diligent in caring for your incision and keeping it clean, you still need to know what an infection might look like and call your physician immediately if you have any concerns […]